Our Founder
GreatGrubforKids.com came into fruition when Nutritionist and Mom
 Renay  (Ren) Matthews Delgado needed nutritional solutions for her daycare bound son's needs that were not being met with the standard provided diet. 

Ren started to create fun, nutritious and easy to use recipe's that she now shares with parents all over the world with her book GreatGrubforKids!

Renay Matthews - Delgado (Ren as her friends call her) is best known for her 2 decades of continual nutritional work with health practitioners across the USA. As the Director of Nutritional Training for Ultra Lite & Transformations Inc. she has trained thousands of Licensed Natural Doctors, Medical Doctors, Chiropractors and Clinical Nutritionists working to improve the nutritional outcomes of children and adults which has led to the development of www.greatgrubforkids.com.
Ren is a CMT (Certified Massage Therapist), D.A.Hom (Certified Homeopath), Certified Nutritionist, and Yoga teacher who is passionate about healing arts. For over a decade she has owned and operated a successful holistic health and wellness practice. She loves what she does and strives to enrich the lives of those she touches.

Ren Matthews - Delgado, D.A.Hom, CMP

Nutritionist, Therapist and Mom
Author of GreatGrubforKids.com 

Make it Taste Good and They Will Eat It!